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How to use the system.  

The site is divided into three main sections.

1/  Photographs of family members in roughly chronological order.
2/  Genealogy Data defining the family structure.
3/  Anecdotes from or about families or individual members.

Click on any button to go to that section.

If clicking a button gets no reaction, then there is no data available.  The EXIT button at the bottom of a page, or the underlined main title at the top of a page, will take you back to the previous level.
Photographs Genealogy Data Anecdotes


Dates in the genealogy tables are as listed in the on-line birth's, marriage's and death's register, and only identify the end of the quarter in which the event occurred.  The on-line register also doesn't include any data after the year ending December 1983.

If you have any more accurate information on dates, names, or any other facts, you can text or e-mail the corrections to me and I will incorporate the changes into the system as soon as possible.

Text to: 07951 756 773, e-mail to:

Regards;  Bert Clark.