Bert and Ella Clark's family photos.


Ella at the back of 30 Strathleven Road.


Ella and her sister Liz.


Ella being Ella.


"Rock-chick" Ella at Avebury.


The Wedding October 8th 1966, at St Saviours Church, Brixton.

The groom and best man, Johnny Weekes.        The bridesmaids, Katie Brown & Janice Kernot,

                                                                                     Anne Whelan & Debbie Letchford



The father and the brides.                                      Walking back up the aisle.



Bert's Step-father & Mum, Bert & Ella, Ella's Mum & Dad.


The group photo.  Remember there are three families represented.


Colour photo from an unknown guest or onlooker.


Ella outside the Grote family home in Germany in 1967.


Ella with 6 week old Tracey June 1969


Ella with 6 month old Tracey, November '69


Tracey(5), Richard(4) and Craig(2) in Eindhoven, Netherlands in '76 .


Richard, Tracey and Craig with Mungo at Haverhill '81.


Ella and Bert (Bess on the left) at Shepshed, when he was a BIG boy in 1998.


Bert at Richards pad in 2011.